CCleaner Professional Business Technician 5 installer torrent download

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CCleaner Professional Business Technician 5 installer torrent download

CCleaner Professional Business Technician 5 Virus free

CCleaner Professional Business Technician 5

CCleaner Free / Pro / Business / Technology Final

CCleaner cleaner ruins in the operating system. During CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) is looking for a job and removes unused files. These include: cookies, history sites in IE, temporary Internet files, search for links, files, Recycle Bin, etc.

In addition, the search for a temporary third-party submission: Firefox, Opera, Media Player, eMule, Kazaa, Google Toolbar, Netscape, Office XP, Nero, Alcohol 120, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR, Vinac, WinZip, GetRight, Morpheus, Download Accelerator eye, VirtualDub, ZoneAlarm and many others. This may be pure and Windows registry, cutting out unnecessary extension of their old libraries and DLL incorrectly, which lies in large quantities, especially after the installation and removal of very different programs.

CCleaner cleans the following components:

– Internet Explorer

– Shopping

– clipboard

– Windows temporary files,

– Magazines for Windows

– The list of recent documents (in the Start menu)

– History of executed commands (Start)

– Search Assistant history KSP

– Legacy Data Prefetch in Windows XP

– Memory dump after a Windows falls

– Chkdsk file fragments

Advanced options allow you to clean:

– I cash a priority

– Cash Trai Message

– Cache size and location for Windows

– History for help

– IIS log files

– More maps


From the beginning, CCleaner has developed secure and reliable software. It has some strong level of inspection to ensure that no confidential information or documents are not deleted. We can guarantee that CCleaner has no spyware or adware.

Privacy Protection:

Registered users we provide the functionality permanently delete files from multiple copies, that does not allow you to recover them in any way.

(24 May 2016)

– Enhanced Microsoft Edge servers cache and history cleaner.

– Improved Firefox 46 sessions of treatment.

– Optimizing the detection and treatment of a portable browser.

– Enhanced functionality for monitoring browser (Professional only).

– Improved Unicode support in launching and managing plug-in for your browser.

– Improved support for localization.

– Small improvements in the user interface.

– Minor Fikes.


SadeemPC @ DR KAT



AVG Antivirus Pro 2015 Windows XP/7/8/10 Installer Download

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AVG Antivirus Pro 2015 Windows XP/7/8/10 Installer Download

AVG Antivirus Pro 2015 Virus free

AVG Antivirus Pro 2015

AVG Anti-Virus 2015 to complete the program today we found one. effective virus scanners on the market in one of the many new features is included. Still face terrible slow at times. Even something as simple as typing an IM can be stopped for several seconds for some reason. If you can bring occasional slow down your computer, the scanning functionality of AVG Anti-Virus 2015 is on the line. By rewriting the scanning engine, AVG includes multi-processor. Essential protection that will not get in your way! If you use your computer every day, so you should always support has always been to keep you safe. With AVG Anti-Virus 2015, you will receive a simple protection against the most sophisticated threat today, online and offline.

Top features:

AVG Antivirus Pro 2016 (x86 / x64) Multilingual

AVG Internet Security 2016’s award-winning antivirus detects and stops viruses, threats and malware. effective virus scanners on the market in one of the many new features is included. If you use your computer every day, so you should always support has always been to keep you safe. With AVG Antivirus 2016, you get a simple protection against the most sophisticated threat today, online and offline. The interface is simple and easy to use a full-featured anti-virus protection that is easily combined with a beautiful design. Also, new features will be included in the privacy of data is kept private.

AVG Antivirus 2016 detects and warns that any risks to safety, simple one-click buttons to automatically solve the problem of self-repair and restore the system to provide the best protection.

By rewriting the scanning engine, AVG Antivirus 2016 with multiple processors. Managers need to ensure that updates automatically every 2 hours you are always protected from the latest threats.

AVG Antivirus 2016 online to ensure your safety:

Antivirus. Prevent, eliminate, and prevent viruses, worms and Trojans to spread.

Anti-Malware. It protects you from malicious software on your computer, and to avoid something that is contaminated.

Anti-Rootkit. not a few hackers control of your computer and helps keep your hands.

e-mail scanner. Detects infected or rogue inbound attachments, so it can not harm your computer. Things like plug-in email applications including Microsoft Outlook or POP3, SMTP and IMAP accounts as a scanner.

Protective Cloud Technology. To identify and prevent emerging threats in the cloud to automatically update your antivirus software.

Community protection. Each new threat immediately to protect each member of our society turns in front of everyone. AVG virus protection is always added to the community, the better.

AVG LinkScanner Surf shield. infected sites or crime prevention smart technology that prevents the possibility of hitting. Actively checks every web page, and click to stop before it detects something suspicious.

social network protection. Check the links are social networks like asTwitter and others to help you and your friends safe.

AVG Online Shield. Checks files that you download them to keep them safe and protected, such as files in exchange for MSN, Yahoo and ICQ before using.

real-time monitoring of events. Using artificial intelligence computing that proactively identify malware samples in our team AVG ThreatLabs havent yet cataloged. AI by means of telemetry data of our users are trained to detect continuously.

AI detection. Plus technologies to detect even the newest malware variants of the phenomenon and to identify outbreaks in real-time cloud based on a lot of intelligence.

AVG Antivirus 2016 is built on the slow speed:

Turboscan. Significantly scanning a scanning order in which files are stored on the hard disk, thus reducing the smarter sequence.

Modes. Holding scans and updates while playing in the bay to prevent lags and freezes. Also, protect your digital profile by hackers looking to steal your game rewards and sell.

smart scanner. Simply scan your computer when you are not using. As soon as you move the mouse to fall as low priority mode or press a key. to keep scan times to a minimum, that the files have been scanned and known to be safe.

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Nero Burning ROM 2016 Free Download Torrent

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Nero Burning ROM 2016 Free Download Torrent

Nero Burning ROM 2016 Virus free

Nero Burning ROM 2016

================================================== =================

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Nero Burning ROM 2016 FINAL

Nero Burning ROM 2016 is easy to use burning program that creates discs in just a few steps. select the type of disc to be burned (CD / DVD / Blu-ray), define the project type, add the required data and then start burning.

2016 With Nero Burning ROM you can save CD audio files to your hard drive. In the process, the files are encoded, in a format that can be read into a computer. Audio CD can be automatically identified with Gracenote. So-called title, metadata as a genre, and the name of the song tracks in Gracenote Media Database and associated access. So, accurately and fully named after the encoding process for audio files.

Sony recording media data formats:

* CD-R



* BD-R








Supported disc formats:

* Data CD (ISO, UDF, ISO / UDF)

* DVD-data (ISO, UDF, ISO / UDF)

* Blu-ray disc and data (ISO, UDF)

* SecurDisc disc CD / DVD / Blu-Ray

* Nero DiscSpan (UDF)

* Audio CD

* CD mixed mode


* Example Nero (NRG)

* ISO image

* DVD-Video

* Video BDMV

—————- +

| How to Apply |

+ —————- +

1) Open and read the instructions

Support Topic:

Any comments on the quality of the evaluation

ThumperDC / TechTools

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If you need assistance, please write to our forum, thank you

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ZenMate VPN for Chrome 5 x86 x64 lolli Download Torrent

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ZenMate VPN for Chrome 5 x86 x64 lolli Download Torrent

ZenMate VPN for Chrome 5 Virus free

ZenMate VPN for Chrome 5

Contact ZenMate proxy supplement and Firefox require knowledge that the manager of the crossing. ZenMate Encrypt a different route, and the earth, the business of the Internet through a proxy, so that you can more at rhoncus purus lorem secret. It also gives bypass the geo-restriction allows you to see the content that is typically blocked in secret, and encrypting IP traffic routed through the fields and cloaks kelajuanZenMate anda.penekanan choice. This will not only keep with the open sea, but also in the area ought to be available to allow you to access the content. Has been given you compressed, a fast is no wonder that the agent of the browser to quickly switch. I see a lot slower, nonummy But the difficulty is, that you want you are able to make use of content in the streets of the besieged if services like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, and outside of us, not only ZenMate. I would have to protect the secret of the secret lays down no ZenMate How can it be but for investors. Sed facilisis, it needs great persediaan.Sangat your email address requires the most penggunaanSeperti Chrome add-ons, and the installation ZenMate very easy matter. Once you have installed, making it only need to enter your email address. You do not need to register or enter any activation code, but it is, however, no doubt that, in the service of what, that this is the prayer of him, so as to be in the upper right corner of the Chrome to surf anonymously e-mel.Bar ZenMate of the end, and the lights, with green covered. When Gnaeus just click the green shield. That, however, the ability to ZenMate to pause between the art of speaking well. By default, Switzerland in your Internet traffic is put to flight, and you can change to the, of Great Britain, Hong Kong, Austria and Germany, and procurator, merta.Pada the downside, in many countries, not through a proxy ZenMate on be – though it can be a perfect way to advance . and with easy proxy switch cekapBersama Hola Unblocker, ZenMate of travel agents additives.