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CCleaner Professional Business Technician 5 installer torrent download

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CCleaner Professional Business Technician 5 installer torrent download

CCleaner Professional Business Technician 5 Virus free

CCleaner Professional Business Technician 5

CCleaner Free / Pro / Business / Technology Final

CCleaner cleaner ruins in the operating system. During CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) is looking for a job and removes unused files. These include: cookies, history sites in IE, temporary Internet files, search for links, files, Recycle Bin, etc.

In addition, the search for a temporary third-party submission: Firefox, Opera, Media Player, eMule, Kazaa, Google Toolbar, Netscape, Office XP, Nero, Alcohol 120, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR, Vinac, WinZip, GetRight, Morpheus, Download Accelerator eye, VirtualDub, ZoneAlarm and many others. This may be pure and Windows registry, cutting out unnecessary extension of their old libraries and DLL incorrectly, which lies in large quantities, especially after the installation and removal of very different programs.

CCleaner cleans the following components:

– Internet Explorer

– Shopping

– clipboard

– Windows temporary files,

– Magazines for Windows

– The list of recent documents (in the Start menu)

– History of executed commands (Start)

– Search Assistant history KSP

– Legacy Data Prefetch in Windows XP

– Memory dump after a Windows falls

– Chkdsk file fragments

Advanced options allow you to clean:

– I cash a priority

– Cash Trai Message

– Cache size and location for Windows

– History for help

– IIS log files

– More maps


From the beginning, CCleaner has developed secure and reliable software. It has some strong level of inspection to ensure that no confidential information or documents are not deleted. We can guarantee that CCleaner has no spyware or adware.

Privacy Protection:

Registered users we provide the functionality permanently delete files from multiple copies, that does not allow you to recover them in any way.

(24 May 2016)

– Enhanced Microsoft Edge servers cache and history cleaner.

– Improved Firefox 46 sessions of treatment.

– Optimizing the detection and treatment of a portable browser.

– Enhanced functionality for monitoring browser (Professional only).

– Improved Unicode support in launching and managing plug-in for your browser.

– Improved support for localization.

– Small improvements in the user interface.

– Minor Fikes.


SadeemPC @ DR KAT



Telegram for Desktop 0 Installer SEXYBUNS Download Free Torrent

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Telegram for Desktop 0 Installer SEXYBUNS Download Free Torrent

Telegram for Desktop 0 Virus free

Telegram for Desktop 0

WhatsApp way before the web market appear Telegram offers a desktop version of its application message-oriented security. It may be light on features compared to similar to Skype, but it’s still years ahead of WhatsApp, which still give a free desktop client (as you point out the authors).

Please send telegrams of any deviceUpang to use Telegram for Desktop needs already signed up for an account in the app for Android, iOS or Windows Phone. After confirming the data via a mobile application’re ready to start communicating chat.Ang application creates a simple message from your mobile contacts, send an unlimited number of audio and video files (in batches, if you choose) and insert emoticons and stickers of famous world leaders, including Gandhi. Telegram for Desktop also integrates well with other social networking sites (such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter), a preview of the content they share the application and make any Instagram or Twitter mentions preview clickable shows. However, voice and video calling is currently not magagamit.Habang phone contacts are automatically synchronized with the desktop version, you can search for more people by name. Notification settings can also be edited for each contact – so you effectively mute friend if you send too many messages One of the strengths of the telegram, the group chat feature. Unlike other messaging apps, Telegram may have more than one administrator. Administrators can change the picture and the name of the group and add or remove. The service also allows you to create groups of up to 1000 people!

Prioritizing speed and the main point of differentiation seguridadSecurity always Telegram and it’s no different than the desktop version. Messages are encrypted in the cloud, but there’s no secret call (destroying itself is not stored on the servers of the company and can not be forwarded) option for the desktop version. In terms of security for access to desktop client telegram About Desktop includes two-factor authentication, so you can create a further step to stop the unauthorized login. From this program, you can access all areas / devices that check-in logged and stop individual session.Sa WhatsApp acquired by Facebook, there are concerns about what will happen to the data of the users, which is where telegram hopes gain ground on his promise to never sell user.Speed โ€‹โ€‹data is another major plus for the telegram. Sending a batch of ten photos instantly displayed as audio and video is also very fast upload and ipadala.Habang desktop version may be missing feature of mobile nurses (secret chat, voice messaging and group chat), it’s still cool service messaging. Posts seamlessly synced across devices and once you have seen a message on one device, as can be read in another, which means you do not have to deal with multiple notifications.

WhatsApp, you say? Telegram is a reliable alternative to WhatsApp, especially considering the fact that he still does not have a desktop client. With privacy and security is the key to the modern consumer Telegram has a solid place for itself built up in the market. The client desktop is not as fully featured as Skype and Viber, but the speed and security you’re after, this is the app for you.

Exanima GOG Free Download Torrent

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Exanima GOG Free Download Torrent

Exanima GOG Virus free

Exanima GOG

Installation Instructions:

Note: The game is now in development!

– Operations;

– Play

Credit: Declaration Made possible by Network Gaming Swapware!

If you like this game, supporting the development and purchase of IT!

Remember to seed, like many others here! ๐Ÿ™‚


Category: Role-playing – Action – Fantasy

Works on: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

French text only: English

Features: Single player – in development

Size: GB

Company: courage Bare Entertainment / Entertainment courage Bare



Explore, fight, survive and uncover the mysteries of this unique 3D isometric RPG unforgiving is set in a dark fantasy world of the original floor. Unless Exanima attention to detail and realistic simulation of what everybody aims at providing deep gameplay experience intense and dynamic.

This game provides a real deep physics system fights. This feature not only alive, it is a fundamental difference is central to gameplay. real momentum and collisions always play a role here, the difference is the key to the outcome. It may be different from what you’ve played before and it may take some practice, but the results can be very very skilled and capital virtually unlimited. It is controlled not too fast or difficult but it is not necessary to pay attention, it’s only tactical and injury and will not get you very far!

A skill system battle

Complex AI and intelligent

fully interactive environment

Advanced collision damage pattern and prevent correct location

roguelike elements

Way to hone your skills fighting arena.

Minimum System Requirements – Windows: XP (SP3) / Vista / 8.7.10

Processor: Intel Core 2 or AMD Athlon II dual core

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Image: Intel HD 4000 or Radeon HD 2600 or Nvidia GeForce 8600 with 512MB vram

Storage: 2 GB of space

Sound Card: Integrated

Mouse, Keyboard

Recommended system requirements – Windows: XP (SP3) / Vista / 8.7.10

Processor: 3 GHz Intel Core i5 quad core or core AMD FX GHz or better hex

Image: AMD Radeon HD 5850 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 280 with 1GB vram or better

Note: GPU faster with more recommended to set the highest resolution vram